In Pokot North there are the following Schools
1 Kasei Boys Secondary School
(and a Girls Secondary School at Kamketo, due to start January 2015)

12 Primary Schools & Early Childhood Development Centres (Apur, Chepkinagh, Kamketo, Kapkoghun, Kapkewa, Kapterema, Kasei, Kasepa, Kwirir, Tarakit, Wasat)

In Rendille there are the following Schools
2 Primary Schools (Lekuchula, Losidan)

5 Early Childhood Development Centres (= Nursery Schools) (at Dubsahaay Dogo, Korr California, Lagarama,  Lekuchula, Losidan)

We help support a total staff of about 50 with monthly costs of about $2,000, £1,250

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